If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.
— John Dewey

Essential Skills is a time for students to work at their own pace on their reading, writing, foreign language and math skills. We leverage technology as an educational tool and allow students to choose the environment that best suits their learning objectives.

Who Will Students be Learning with?

Whether it is an expert guest, a subject matter specialist or fellow classmates, our students will have weekly interactions with the inspiring individuals and spaces in and around Santa Cruz.

This is the main "Teacher" in the studio. They help with Learning Goals, finding resources and are part of the day to day learning process.

This is a "Teacher" who assists during the Essential Skills time. They help in creating challenging learning goals and work with students and guides to achieve mastery in their core subjects.

This is a professional in a specific field of study. They will share their knowledge and experiences related to Expeditions. Whether in the field or visiting the studio, experts help bring the real world relevance to the learning process.

This is a fellow or visiting student. Peers are invaluable partners who can help with Essential Skills or Expedition Action Projects.