Newsletter 2

Welcome to our community and we are excited to share our endeavor to reshape education with you all!

Upcoming Events


We are thrilled to announce that our January 31st  Launch Event at the Museum of Art and History has SOLD OUT!  We are looking forward to hosting 20 students and 80 adults for a lively and informative evening.  If you did not get a ticket we encourage you to add your name to our waitlist on Eventbrite.

Open House:  Save the Date Saturday, February 17

Open House for Expedition Academy Santa Cruz will be Saturday, February 17th. We will be posting the free Open House RSVP tickets on Eventbrite. Space is limited in our studio and we want to make sure that we spend quality time with all who attend. There will be three sessions during the day, tentatively scheduled for 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Stay tuned for official times and RSVP information.

General News

Learning Studio Setup

We have been hard at work creating a space for our learning community to unleash their creative and collaborative spirit.  Our learning studio has the flexibility to meet individual and group learning needs with a multitude of different configurations.  Whether it is a comfortable spot to get lost in a book, a quiet space to work on math challenges with a specialist, or a place to make a mess with an experiment, our studio has the capacity to quickly transform to meet different learning goals.  Did you know we have a full kitchen too?

Stay Informed:  News and Ideas


Are grades essential to the learning process?

At Expedition Academy Santa Cruz our number one goal is for students to own their own learning.  The student voices in the following story show how removing the external motivation of grades creates a completely different learning experience for students.

When Schools Forgo Grades:  An Experiment in Internal Motivation


What Would a Brain Based School Look Like?

Several years ago we attended a presentation by neuroscientist John Medina who authored the bestselling book Brain Rules.  After detailing our current understanding of how the brain functions in the learning process he then speculates on what a school design based on our knowledge of the brain would be like….think the opposite of a traditional school structure.  


Why Did Blue Man Group Start a School?

This TED Talk with Matt Goldman identifies the guiding principles that formed Blue Man Group and the starting of an innovative school on the East Coast called Blue School. Many of the ideals shared in this talk align with our own at Expedition Academy Santa Cruz.  We especially love the way their middle school students went through a process of defining the values of their learning community which is a process we will be guiding our students through each year.

We look forward to sharing our continued progress on Expedition Academy Santa Cruz!

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~ The Expedition Academy Santa Cruz Team!