Newsletter 3

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Welcome to our community and we are excited to share our endeavor to reshape education with you all!

Upcoming Events

Tonight is our first public event at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History! We are looking forward to sharing our vision for a new approach to middle school education in Santa Cruz. We will share pictures and takeaways from the event for those of you who may not be able to attend and we look forward to sharing more opportunities like this one to learn about our educational movement.


Save the Date: OPEN HOUSE - February 17th

We are almost ready to release tickets to our Open House. Stay Tuned!  Newsletter members will be the first to know when tickets are available. You will be getting a headstart on the Eventbrite reservations when they open up!  Spread the word to interested families and get them on the Newsletter list!

General News

The theme for this week's Newsletter is Flexible Learning Spaces. We truly believe that putting students at the center of the learning environment is a key component to shifting the student mindset toward ownership of their own learning. Tonight at our screening of Most Likely to Succeed and in our student design activity, this theme will be at the forefront. 

Stay Informed: News and Ideas

The School I'd Like

by: Catherine Burke and Ian Grosvenor

Learning environments play a big part in student engagement. If you asked students, "What type of learning environment would you like?", do you think they would choose the traditional lines and rows model for classrooms? In this book, lies one such endeavor to answer the question. At Expedition Academy Santa Cruz you can expect to never see students sitting in linear rows, unless it is by their own choice.


Edutopia: Flexible Seating and Student-Centered Classroom Redesign

by: Kayla Delzer

One of our learning studio spaces is currently nicknamed, The Cafe. We strive to keep our learning studio flexible to student needs so that they can maximize their engagement in whatever they are working on. Our entire school model puts students at the center of the experience. Flexible learning spaces is just the beginning.


Reimagining Classrooms: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders

TEDx Fargo: Kayla Delzer

Kayla Delzer makes some great points on the power of student-centered learning spaces and has really made an effort to spread the word in educational circles. We have many influences that drive our design of the learning environment at Expedition Academy Santa Cruz and find that Kayla Delzer has really put her finger on the pulse of many key themes.

We look forward to sharing our continued progress on Expedition Academy Santa Cruz!

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~ The Expedition Academy Santa Cruz Team!