Newsletter - 'Tis the Season!

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As we close 2018 in our first year as a new school, we want to welcome new followers of our community and give thanks to those that have been supporting and following us on this great adventure!

This is also the Season for Giving! Your philanthropic support is essential to our school. Your charitable giving supports Expedition Academy’s growth, improving our academic as well as our daily operations.

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Upcoming Events

Movie Screening - January 15th

We are hosting a screening of the critically acclaimed education documentary Most Likely To Succeed( for parents interested in learning more about the changing landscape in education. 


Open Studio - January 25th
Experiment in Space

Come to see first-hand what our Explorers have been creating on our latest Expedition!

This event is open to the public. If you are an interested family, local organization or simply curious about the changing face of education, this is the event for you!


Open House - January 26th

We will be hosting our Open House event for prospective families. We look forward to giving parents and their eligible children a glimpse into the Expedition Academy Santa Cruz experience.

General News

Our current Expedition, Experiment in Space, has its main focus around observing Earth from space via satellite. We are using an Arduino-based technology that is aboard small satellites orbiting the Earth. This might sound familiar to some of you as the term Cubesat has been talked about in the news quite a bit lately! From the latest Mars landing to observing the fires in California, the same technology that our Explorers are using in their Expedition has been serving Scientists around the world! This Expedition is definitely all about STEAM, from scientific experiments to coding to creative writing, we are bringing it all together!


We look forward to sharing our continued adventures at Expedition Academy Santa Cruz!

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Happy Holidays and New Year!

~ The Expedition Academy Santa Cruz Team!