Newsletter #12 - It's About Learning Opportunities

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Welcome to our community and we are excited to share our journey with you all!

Upcoming Events

Interested in learning about the Expedition Academy program for your child? We are hosting a Coffee and Q&A for Parents of children in grades 4-7. Come visit the studio, meet the founders and learn about our program!

Our Explorers put their learning on display at the end of every Expedition. Come join us to see what our latest learning journey has produced!

General News

A unique part of the Expedition Academy Santa Cruz experience is the way in which we utilize Specialists in our educational program. We have four new Specialists to introduce in this Newsletter and we are excited to share with you all how they have truly enhanced our students educational experience.

A learning opportunity at Expedition Academy Santa Cruz is a time where students can immerse themselves in an experience that allows them to apply their current knowledge while simultaneously learning new skills. When our Specialists visit the studio, it is an opportunity for students to apply their learning, test their progress and challenge themselves to excel.

Meet our Specialists:

Spanish Specialist - Jenny VanNatta

All of our Explorers are learning Spanish as their foreign language this year at Expedition Academy Santa Cruz. In addition to using adaptive technologies to learn Spanish basics we provide immersive conversational learning experiences that encourage fluency and comfort with the language. We are so excited to have Jenny with us on this journey!

Writing Specialist - Sarah Rapp

Writing and Communication are essential skills in the 21st Century. Sarah has taught middle and high school English Language Arts since 2001. Her interest in expanding school literacy to become more engaging, relevant, and inclusive has fueled her continued journey as a student herself. Sarah has a MA in Education, a MA in Educational Leadership, and is currently getting her PhD in Education at UCSC. Sarah's research focuses on how students learn literacy skills through communication with real audiences for real purposes. We truly appreciate Sarah for bringing this real world approach to literacy to Expedition Academy Santa Cruz.

SEL & Mindfulness Specialist - Tamara Kley Contini

A major component of our educational program is the incorporation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness. Tamara is a certified Mindfulness educator, yoga instructor and experienced teacher in Life Sciences. Her focus with students is to help support developing a growth mindset and teach them tools for navigating their own personal growth. We are so happy to have Tamara joining us!

Art Specialist - Erik Bowmen

We incorporate art and artistic expression throughout our program. Erik Bowman has taught art at both the high school and middle school levels for over twenty years. We are excited to have Erik bring his expertise and experience to Expedition Academy Santa Cruz!


We look forward to sharing our continued adventures at Expedition Academy Santa Cruz with you!

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~ The Expedition Academy Santa Cruz Team!