An Expedition is a journey undertaken with a purpose.  

At Expedition Academy Santa Cruz students will engage in a series of learning Expeditions that will build upon each other as the year progresses.  An Expedition is an extended deep dive project that is centered around a central theme or question.  Learning Expeditions are 6 weeks long, interdisciplinary, connected to the real world, and require the acquisition and application of new knowledge and skills.  

Settlers of Santa Cruz Expedition: How can you make a game based on local Santa Cruz history?

Each Expedition will follow the Expedition Learning Cycle:

Discovery:  A process that combines curiosity and exploration that leads to students defining the purpose and guiding questions  of each Expedition.  

Training:  Students identify and gather new information and skills they will need to move forward in answering their guiding questions.

Action Project:  An Expedition culminates with students producing a product, performance, experiment, exhibition, etc that demonstrates and synthesizes a students' learning experience. While every expedition will have an independent action project for each student, many of our expeditions have an additional group project where students will collaborate with team members on a larger project goal.

Reflection:  Students reflect on their learning process--skills and knowledge gained, challenges overcome, discoveries that led to new questions, lessons to apply to the next Expedition, etc.

Birdschool Eco-Adventure and Migration Expedition: What do birding, data visualization and immigration stories have in common?