Middle School Reimagined

Expedition Academy Santa Cruz is a new grade 5-8 independent school

Opening Fall 2018 in Santa Cruz

Now Accepting Applications!

Mission Statement

We challenge our students to develop their multiple human capacities. We impel students into experiences that will drive their intellectual curiosity, develop compassion for their community, and give them the resilience to take on life's questions.


We immerse our students in learning expeditions designed to:

  • Engage the mind, body, and spirit in the learning process.

  • Connect with and serve the larger human community and the natural world.

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of human knowledge.

  • Develop skills to find and use information to answer questions and solve problems.

  • Develop lifelong attitudes to approach all of life’s challenges: Curiosity, open-mindedness, growth mindset.

  • Develop lifelong interpersonal effectiveness skills:  communication, cooperation, leadership, empathy, and above all compassion.

  • Develop self-awareness by understanding  each individual’s emotional landscape.